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Telcom Enterprises provides an end-to-end comprehensive telecommunications review coupled with a professional format presentation of our projected cost-savings.  This presentation includes recommendations for:

  • Productivity Improvements
  • Expense Reduction
  • New Communications Service Providers
  • More Efficient Service Design
  • Using Promotional Offers
  • Leveraging Business, Location and Sector Preferential Rates

Since 1991, Telcom Enterprises has been saving clients significant precious expense dollars through a comprehensive telecommunications review of:

  • Local Lines and Long Distance
  • Telephone System Costs
  • Wireless Services
  • Internet(Data) Access
  • Networking Design
  • Emergency Communications Disaster Planning/Recovery
  • Audio/Telephone Conferencing

We provide guidance for your future journey into the cloud or revamping an OnSite Phone System including the pros and cons of each option relative to system survivability in case the telecommunication infrastructure fails. As well, as part of our review, Telcom Enterprises will include a five year Capital and Operating cost projection going forward.

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  • Phone, Cell, and Data (Internet) Service Design and Contract Negotiation

    If you are considering any of the following technology solutions, we can assess your requirements and assist you in optimizing costs, and find the right suppliers at the right price for your business needs:

    • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
    • Session Information Protocol (SIP) Trunking
    • Cloud Based Network Solutions
    • Private Networking Solutions
    • Fibre Optic Ethernet LAN
    • Audio or Video Conferencing
  • Telephone System Alternatives (Request for Proposal preparation)

    *Includes Session Information Protocol (SIP) and host based services

    If our services are engaged to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) for new telephone system acquisition, data systems or other consulting activities, an hourly rate of Two Hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00) will apply.

    The $250.00 per hour option is only available for the professional preparation, delivery, and evaluation of reports for new telephone and information based systems, data systems or other consulting activities (i.e. Emergency Disaster Contingency Planning).

    Flat rates could also apply which could be discussed upon further negotiations. Consulting flat fees for preparation of a RFP will be based on whether a Telephone cost analysis is also completed for all the clients services (IE lines/wireless/Internet etc.)

  • Implementations, Change Management and Project Management

    Telcom Enterprises will assist you by providing Project Management and Technical Support for any new communications system acquisition. We will also manage projects related to:

    • Relocation or expansions
    • Upgrades and replacements
    • System, service, or supplier selections

    These services are billed at $250.00/hour.

  • Ongoing Support, Problem Management and Incident Management

    Telcom Enterprises can be part of your communications systems support functions.
    We will handle communication system related:

    • Problem resolution with system vendors and/or service suppliers
    • Testing, review and approval of changes
    • Real time incident notification and management

    These services are billed at $75.00/hour for our existing clients.;

  • Management of Ongoing Monthly Telcom Expenses

    Telcom Enterprises will review your monthly bills to ensure that they are consistent with your agreed contracts and pricing.

    As part of this service we will ensure that you always pay the optimal price for the services you require.

    If a billing problem is discovered, we will contact the supplier and resolve the issue.

    These services are billed at $75.00/hour for our existing clients.

  • Contingency, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

    We specialize in the design of Telecommunication Networks, Systems and Processes, to ensure one hundred percent (100%) up-time, for both Voice and Data Networks.

    This includes the provision, training and testing of:

    • Contingency, fail-over and standby systems;
    • Policy and procedure documentation for regulatory compliance;
    • Business Continuity Plans; and
    • Disaster Recovery Plans.

Savings Graphs

These are sample savings graphs from our projects

Fee Payment Schedules

Schedule #1

50% over 18 months

50% of verified monthly savings over a 18 month period, plus 50% of any refunds or credits obtained for your organization.

Schedule #2

50% over 24 months

50% of verified monthly savings over a 24 month period which includes a second no charge audit on the 21st month plus 50% of any refunds or credits obtained for your organization.

Schedule #3

40% over 36 months

40% of verified monthly savings over a 36 month period which includes a second no charge audit on the 31st month, plus 50% of any refunds or credits obtained for your organization.

Our Commitment To You

Included in each option is our commitment to monitor Market Communications changes, for better rates, and implement them without charge, during the term of the contract.

After the contract term, any ongoing optimization for more cost-effective services, are billed quarterly based on 10% of the initial annualized savings.